FANTASTIC: CNN’s Brian Stelter Left Stunned When Former NYT Reporter Calls Out Fake News CNN On-Air [Video]

Posted by on October 19, 2021 3:05 am

The news these days is more about what we’re NOT allowed to talk about. Censorship and propaganda rule over truth. This is why the video below is so fantastic. When truth is spoken by a former NYT  reporter who called out the fake news, it’s a good day. We need more of this!

Substack’s BariWeiss brings common sense to Brian Stelter and leaves him stunned in the best video we’ve seen in a while.

Watch below as the former New York Times reporter calls out fake news CNN on air:

“When you have” a NYT reporter talking about how “pursuing the question of the lab leak is racist, the world has gone mad. When you’re not able to say…there are differences between men and women, the world has gone mad…”