Gaetz Makes A Fool Of Air Force General Promoting Woke Gender Terms

Posted by on July 20, 2023 3:04 am

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida made a fool out of the head of the United States Air Force Academy.

Gaetz in a House hearing on the topic of race and gender-based admissions at military colleges, quizzed Lt. Gen. Richard Clark  on several “gender identity terms.”

Gaetz asked Gen. Clark “You’re literally pushing a program in the academies that says, ‘If you’re a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, a non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender…’ What’s ‘demigender’?”

Gen. Clark tried to sidestep the question by responding “Sir, that’s a term of the people that are eligible for that particular scholarship, that is available to.”

Rep. Gaetz then pushed Gen. Clark to answer the question directly to which Clark admitted he wasn’t really sure what the termed meant.

Watch the moment it went down below:

Check out what Fox News reported:

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., stumped the head of the Air Force Academy on Wednesday during a tense hearing about race and gender-based admissions practices at military colleges and universities.

Lt. Gen. Richard M. Clark was unable to define gender identity terms like “agender” and “demigender” that were listed in eligibility guidelines for a fellowship that’s open to Air Force cadets and other Americans, something Gaetz noted during their heated exchange.

“You’re literally pushing a program in the academies that says, ‘If you’re a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, a non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender…’ What’s ‘demigender’?” Gaetz asked.

“Sir, that’s a term of the people that are eligible for that particular scholarship, that is available to,” Clarke said.

“It’s a person who looks at their gender in a different way than I do, sir,” Clarke said when the congressman cut him off to further question him.

“Well, sure. That’s all of these people. You’re a cisgender man, you don’t even get to apply. Do you know what ‘demigender’ really means?” Gaetz asked.

“I’m not really sure, sir,” Clark said. Gaetz then asked if he knew what “agender” meant, and the general again said he didn’t know.

Rep. Gaetz Office released a transcript of the entire exchange, read it here:

Rep. Gaetz: A diverse and inclusive force is a warfighting imperative. This is on a slide at the Air Force Academy General Clark, do you agree with that statement?

Lt. Gen.Clark: I do agree with that statement, sir.

Rep. Gaetz: So I mean, were the Mongols diverse?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Well, sir, I’m not really as versed on Mongol warfighting is.

Rep. Gaetz: How about the war fighting? Were the Vikings diverse?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Again, sir, I’m looking at our country, the most diverse country in the world

Rep. Gaetz: sure. But this is about a warfighting imperative. How about the fight the force in Ukraine? Are the Ukrainians fighting the Russians a diverse force?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Sir, once again, my concern is the people that I’m charged to build into leaders.

Rep. Gaetz: Right. But you would you would acknowledge that throughout history, including present history, that statement hasn’t born true in every example. Right?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Sir what I would say is that those countries have to rely on the full force of their population, to build a war fighting to win our wars. And that’s why it’s important for us to be diverse, because nation.

Rep. Gaetz: Let’s look at the population that actually makes up the fighting force frequently. Now we have more men and women, right? 70-30 ish.

Lt. Gen.Clark: That’s correct.

Rep. Gaetz: And of the men we have, most of them are not transgender men. Most of them are cisgender men, right?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Yes, sir.

Rep. Gaetz: But yet, at our academies, we put push something called the Brooke Owens fellowship. Are you familiar with that?

Lt. Gen.Clark: I am. Yes, sir.

Rep. Gaetz: And in that fellowship, it specifically says, If you are a cisgender, man, this program isn’t for you. So you just said that your answer on why we why we do such this, this full hug of these diversity concepts is because it’s all about the fighting force that we draw from, but you’re literally pushing a program in the academies that says, if you’re a cisgender woman, a transgender woman, a non binary, agender, bi gender, 2 spirit, Demi gender, what’s Demi gender?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Sir, that’s a that’s a term of the people that are eligible for that particular scholarship

Rep. Gaetz: But what’s a Demi gender person?

Lt. Gen.Clark: It’s a person who looks at their gender in a in a different, a different way than I do, sir.

Rep. Gaetz: Well, sure. That’s all of these people. You’re a cisgender. Man, you don’t even get to apply.

Lt. Gen.Clark: Well

Rep. Gaetz: Do you know what Demi gender really means?

Lt. Gen.Clark: I’m not really sure, sir.

Rep. Gaetz: Right. So do you know what agender means? All one word, not a space gender. But agender?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Sir, I don’t.

Rep. Gaetz: Right. So here we are pushing a fellowship, calling for people that you don’t even know what the words mean. And the number one group of people, the cisgender men are excluded? Not in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion. Should we be pushing programs that we can’t define that exclude the largest group of servicemembers?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Well, sir, first, that program is not an Air Force Academy program. It’s a program open to our entire country.

Rep. Gaetz: Right. We allow guys advocate for within the academy.

Lt. Gen.Clark: We allow our cadets to apply for it.

Rep. Gaetz: Why are you allowing your cadets to apply for a program when you cannot define the basic terms of eligibility?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Because it’s an opportunity for us to develop them as warfighters. And we look for every opportunity that we can

Rep. Gaetz: But you don’t even know what the words mean, how can you use this as a way to develop the warfighters? If you don’t know what it means?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Well, some of those could those terms may not be applicable to us at the Air Force Academy, but some are

Rep. Gaetz: But if you don’t know what they mean, it’s hard to tell if they’re applicable or not. So I think one of the reasons why some of this stuff has gotten into the academies is because we don’t have the same oversight from the Board of Visitors and Mr. Chairman, I seek unanimous consent to enter into the record. An article from The Washington Examiner entitled to push woke ideology Biden illegally gutted Military Academy oversight boards. And so in this piece, it goes through a timeline. We’re on September 8, 2021, all of President Trump’s appointees were fired on September 17, Secretary Austin created Board of Visitors subcommittees, and then he populated those subcommittees with people who weren’t on the Board of Visitors. Have you ever seen that happen before?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Sir, our Board of Visitors is populated and and supports us in great fashion.

Rep. Gaetz: Right. What about the subcommittee? Are there people on the board of visitors subcommittees who are not on the Board of Visitors?

Lt. Gen.Clark: I can’t answer that, sir.

Rep. Gaetz: Seems like something we ought to know.

Lt. Gen.Clark: Um, yes, sir. I’m not sure right.

Rep. Gaetz: But that would be odd. Right? I mean, here. I’ll let me ask the question this way. You don’t have any basis to disagree with the reporting here in the Washington Examiner that literally we have people who are not on the board of visitors who are serving on the subcommittee’s you have no basis to disagree with that, do you?

Lt. Gen.Clark: Sir, I’m not exactly sure the question you’re answering asking. I’ll have to take that for record so I can understand exactly what you’re asking.