From Privilege to Prison? Top Republican Forecasts Criminal Storm for Hunter Biden, Including 10 Criminal Referrals

Posted by on July 23, 2023 3:04 am

When you hear the term ‘white privilege’, what comes to mind?



Immunity from the consequences of one’s actions?

Perhaps the latter hits closest to home when considering the case of Hunter Biden, a figure who seemingly embodies the concept to its very core, sparking a bitter irony amidst the political circus surrounding him.

It’s hard to ignore the glaring paradox, as the party that often calls out white privilege now stands in defense of a man who could be its poster child.

At least, that’s the viewpoint of House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer.

As we delve into the allegations and evidence surrounding Hunter Biden, it’s important to take a step back and ask: Is he truly the “ultimate white privilege guy”?

From potential violations of the Mann Act to whispers of criminal referrals, the case against Hunter Biden seems to be piling up.

The Democrats, however, keep asserting that there’s no concrete evidence.

Yet, the evidence, or at least what seems to be evidence, was presented for all to see.

Plane tickets, pictures, testimonies — they were all there.

Yet the question remains, will Hunter Biden face the consequences of his alleged actions, or will his “privilege” shield him from the weight of the law?

At least one top Republican believes that Hunter Biden will receive up to 10 criminal referrals against him.

Dive into the article to get a better understanding of the situation and to answer these pressing questions.

According to the New York Post’s reliable reporting:

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joked on Thursday that first son Hunter Biden is the “ultimate white privilege guy” after Democrats accused Republicans of appropriating the phrase “two-tier justice system” from the civil rights movement during a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

The Kentucky Republican also revealed that by the time his congressional panel completes its investigation into the Biden family, he expects to file “between six and 10 criminal referrals“ to the Justice Department related to President Biden’s son, including evidence that Hunter Biden violated the Mann Act – a federal law that makes it illegal to transport women across state lines for the purpose of prostitution.

“The Democrats kept saying, ‘Oh, we don’t have any evidence. You don’t have any evidence.’ Well, [Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene] showed them evidence,” Comer said during an interview with Fox Business on Thursday.

“She showed them evidence of the president’s son committing a crime, violating the Mann Act. She showed the plane tickets, she showed the pictures, she showed the evidence. You know, there’s no question he violated it. That’s another thing that he could have been charged with.”

As the drama surrounding Hunter Biden continues to unfold, an unavoidable question lingers: How can concrete evidence be so readily dismissed?

Imagine, if you will, a courtroom scene, where the defense insists there’s no evidence, even as tangible proof is laid out for all to see.

Is this not what we’re witnessing now in the court of public opinion?

Plane tickets, pictures, and testimonies – all presented by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene during a recent six-hour panel led by Chairman James Comer.

Accusations of violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act, money laundering, racketeering, wire fraud, and the Mann Act – a long list of potential crimes that, according to Comer, have only resulted in a metaphorical ‘slap on the wrist’ for Hunter Biden.

But why does this matter?

Isn’t Hunter Biden just a private citizen, separate from his father’s presidency?

This would hold water if not for allegations that link these activities directly to the Biden family’s overseas deals. Deals which, according to Comer, ‘exceed $25 million’ with no clear rationale behind the transactions.

Are we staring at blatant corruption, or is there an explanation yet to be unearthed?

It’s so bad that international press is paying attention.

The Daily Mail reports:

Comer discussed the hearing he led on Wednesday featuring testimony from two IRS whistleblowers claiming Hunter received ‘special treatment’ during the Justice Department’s criminal investigation. The chairman praised Greene for presenting hard ‘evidence,’ during the six-hour panel, despite Democrats’ claims the Republicans have no concrete proof Hunter violated any laws.

‘She showed them evidence of the president’s son committing a crime, violating the Mann Act. She showed the plane tickets, she showed the pictures, she showed the evidence,’ said Comer.

‘He violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act, he was money laundering, he was racketeering, he committed wire fraud, he violated the Mann Act. The list goes on and on and on, but yet he gets a slap on the wrist, and the Democrats want to talk about ‘[how] the two-tiered system of justice is racist in America.’ Hunter Biden is the ultimate white privilege guy here,’ he added.

Comer also said that the Biden family’s overseas deals easily ‘exceed $25 million’ according to bank records he’s reviewed and expects to make public soon.

‘They can’t say one thing they did to receive this $25 million. And none of these are legitimate businesses that they got money from. They’re all from our adversaries around the world, foreign nationals.’

His remarks came after the release of an internal FBI document – obtained by – that included bombshell claims that Joe Biden and Hunter forced a Ukrainian oil executive to pay them $10 million in exchange for the then-Vice President’s influence in getting a senior prosecutor fired.

According to the conversation between a confidential source and Burisma CFO Vadim Pojarski in 2015, Hunter Biden was hired onto the company’s board to ‘protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems.’

As evidence against Hunter Biden piles up, one question remains: why is there an apparent two-tier justice system in our country?

Why is DC so crazed to get Trump, yet when they’re evidence against Hunter Biden, they completely ignore it?

What do you think?

Is there a reasonable explanation to all of this? Or is corruption this bad in the federal government?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!