McCarthy Says Biden Impeachment Is On The Table

Posted by on July 26, 2023 3:04 am

A few months ago House Speaker Kevin McCarthy scoffed at any attempt to impeach Joe Biden from office but now he’s saying an impeachment is on the table.

In his last interview with Fox News, McCarthy stated the new intel that was obtained by the IRS whistleblowers about Hunter and Joe Biden’s connection to shell companies located in both China and Ukraine is enough for an impeachment process to commence.

The House Speaker stated “This is rising to the level of impeachment inquiry…something we haven’t seen since Richard Nixon.

McCarthy continued Joe Biden “used the weaponization of government to benefit his family and deny Congressional oversight.”

Watch McCarthy make his statement below:

Here’s what AP reported:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says Republican lawmakers may consider an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden over unproven claims of financial misconduct, responding to enormous GOP pressure to demonstrate support for Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

In remarks Tuesday at the Capitol, McCarthy said the questions House Republicans are raising about the Biden family finances need to be investigated. So far, he acknowledged, the House’s probes have not proven any wrongdoing, but an impeachment inquiry “allows Congress to get the information to be able to know the truth.”

An impeachment inquiry by the House would be a first step toward bringing articles of impeachment. Such a probe could be as lengthy or swift as the House determines, potentially stretching into campaign season.

Fox News got the scoop too:

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy revealed Republicans’ red line for possible impeachment proceedings against President Biden, telling Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that his party will, for now, continue seeking information related to the Biden family finances unless that information began being withheld.

“What I’ve said is, if they withhold information, the impeachment inquiry allows Congress to have the apex of power to get all the information they need. All this information people are finding out now is only because Republicans have investigated,” McCarthy told Fox.

“The people of America have a right to know what went on. They have a president who lied to the American public and said they didn’t get any money from China. We know that’s true. We’ve had whistleblowers from the IRS come say the Biden family is treated differently and that other things were going on. And then you have a[n] informant with the FBI saying there was a bribe. We need to know the answer to this,” he said.

Rep. Gaetz believes McCarthy is just all talk: