Democrat Puppet? Diane Feinstein Repeatedly Told “Just Say Aye” During Key Votes

Posted by on July 28, 2023 3:04 am

The Democrat’s puppet master routine was on full display in the Senate this week, folks!

I mean, aren’t senators supposed to be free-thinking individuals?

Shouldn’t they be making decisions on behalf of their constituents based on their own beliefs, values, and careful analysis?

Apparently not, if you’re a Democrat!

The scene: Senator Dianne Feinstein, about to cast her vote on a critical defense appropriations bill, starts to express her views and whammo!

She’s cut off by her own team.

Not just one, but two voices chirp up telling her to just “say aye.”

The audacity…

Instead of listening to Feinstein’s reasoning or letting her make an informed decision, they effectively silence her with the equivalent of “shut up and vote how we tell you to.”

Is this how democracy works now, folks?

I mean, if a senator can’t articulate her reasoning without getting shut down, what does that say about the state of our Congress?

And it makes you wonder, if someone is cognitively unable to make decisions for themselves, should they even be in a position of such immense power?

Or are they just another puppet being manipulated by the invisible hands of party politics?

It’s a sobering thought, isn’t it?

That the very people elected to represent us could simply be marionettes dancing to the tune of their party leaders.

Where’s the integrity?

Where’s the freedom of thought?

I’ll tell you where, folks — it’s lost in the puppet show of the Democratic Party’s Senate!

The Hill confirms:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) had what appeared to be a moment of confusion Thursday as she began delivering a speech instead of voting during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

During a roll call vote on the defense appropriations bill Thursday morning, Feinstein started to give a speech in support of the measure. Shortly after, a staffer and committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) cut her off, asking her to simply “say aye.”

“I would like to support a yes vote on this, it provides $823 billion. That’s an increase of $26 billion for the Department of Defense and it funds priorities submitted…” Feinstein said as a staffer cut her off and told her, “Just vote ‘Aye.’”

“Just say ‘Aye,’” Murray added.

“Aye,” Feinstein said eventually.

Just think about it, $823 billion!

That’s right, you didn’t misread that figure.

Almost a whopping $1 trillion of taxpayer dollars being thrown around in the Senate like it’s Monopoly money.

And who’s at the helm of this grand budgetary ship, you might ask?

Our elected officials?

Think again!

Senator Dianne Feinstein, apparently, can’t even give her own two cents without being cut off by her colleagues and told what to say.

Like she’s some parrot in a three-piece suit, they’re telling her to just “say aye.”

So much for independent thought, eh?

Makes you wonder who’s really pulling the strings when it comes to spending billions of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

It’s not only terrifying but also downright infuriating!

The puppeteers behind the scenes aren’t even elected officials.

We didn’t give them the authority to decide where our money goes.

They didn’t earn that right.

So why are they wielding so much power?

According to CBS, the vote was for hundreds of billions of dollars:

On Thursday, when Feinstein was prompted to vote during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, Feinstein paused. She was told by a colleague to “say aye.”

“Pardon me?” Feinstein asked.

“Aye,” the colleague responded.

“Yeah,” Feinstein said.

“Just say—” the colleague interjected.

“I would like to support a yes vote on this,” Feinstein continued. “It provides $823 billion, that’s an increase of $26 billion for the Department of Defense. And it funds priorities submitted—”

Colleagues around Feinstein whispered.

It’s time we asked some hard questions about the state of our democracy, folks.

Shouldn’t our elected officials be able to make up their minds?

Shouldn’t they be the ones calling the shots when it comes to how our money is spent?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable with the idea of invisible puppet masters controlling the fate of our nation’s treasury.

I mean, that’s scarier than a horror movie, and unfortunately, we’re all stuck in it!