Dennis Prager Excuses Watching Animated Child Pornography? (WATCH)

Posted by on August 10, 2023 3:05 am

Dennis Prager, radio talk show host and co-founder of PragerU, made shocking remarks in a debate with Matt Fradd of Pints With Aquinas in April.

The debate, which focused on pornography, has made the rounds on social media in the past few days.

“Would you use the word evil of animated child pornography, because I certainly would,” Fradd said.

“No, I would use evil only with behavior,” Prager responded.

“That’s where we might differ, forgetting the sex issue…You didn’t do evil if you thought evil,” he continued.

“If I masturbated to animated pictures of pornography, I’m not doing something evil?” Fradd asked.

“That’s correct,” Prager replied.

“Yeah, I think that’s despicable,” Fradd responded.

“Really?” Prager asked.

“Yes, of course,” Fradd replied.

“Here we have one of the major contributors to what we can collectively call ‘Conservative Inc.’ in America – the major producers of content, talking points, and commerce in what is effectively the main stream right, and much of the middle,” Ian Smith said.

“Dennis Prager, in an interview, saying that he does not feel that masturbation to child pornography that is computer-generated is evil (because you didn’t actually ‘do’ the act that is evil).”

“What brand of conservatism is this? People need to see this for what it is, this is your mainstream political right. These are the people who are gonna save your kids, your wallets, and your rights. There is not saving it. Destroy it and rebuild,” Smith continued.

Watch the exchange:

The American Conservative provided commentary:

The pair discuss the “pornification of society,” to which, I guess it is worth specifying, both are opposed. “The number of young men who learn about women through porn and not real life is a very scary thing,” Prager says at one point. Throughout the conversation, Prager repeatedly says he is anti-porn, only to say something about the harmlessness or benignity of its consumption immediately after.

Immediately after the previously hyperlinked clip ends, Prager asks Fradd, “who is being hurt,” by the consumption of animated child porn. “You have to have a victim,” Prager says. Fradd responds and says the consumer and the animator before Prager interjects. “I won’t call a fantasy evil,” Prager exclaims. “There’s too much real evil on earth for me to start being preoccupied with people’s thinking.”

Watch the full debate below (the exchange featured above starts at 33:00):

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