Even PolitiFact Debunks Kamala Harris’ Claim She Has ‘Great Approval Ratings’

Posted by on August 11, 2023 3:05 am

Ah, the sting of a self-inflicted wound!

When even your supposed allies are flagging you down, you know you’ve skidded off the track.

And when that ‘ally’ is as liberal as PolitiFact, you might as well pull into the pit stop for a reality check.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent attempt to brush off her plummeting approval ratings was, let’s just say, a misjudgment lap.

Claiming “great approval ratings” when the numbers clearly state otherwise?


It’s like claiming to have won the race when you’re several laps behind.

Harris might’ve hoped that by leaning into liberal media, she’d get a free pass.

Well, guess what, Ms. Harris? PolitiFact isn’t handing out any participation trophies.

Historically low approval ratings?


A brutal fact-check from the left?

Double check.

Desperate claims with no grounding in reality?

Triple check!

The desperation is palpable, and it’s clear for everyone to see.

Instead of addressing the concerns, the Vice President opted for the classic deflection strategy.

But like an engine running on fumes, it’s not going to get you very far.

“We rate the statement False,” says PolitiFact.

And for the rest of us, watching this display?

We rate it a clear example of why Harris is struggling to find her lane with the American people.

The road ahead seems bumpy, and no amount of media pit stops will change the course if she doesn’t recalibrate her approach.

Fox News confirms:

The liberal website PolitiFact offered a brutal fact-check of Vice President Kamala Harris’ false claim she has “great approval ratings.”

During a recent interview with ABC News, Harris was asked about her dismal polling, with the reporter pointing out how she had “the lowest approval rating of any vice president.”

“I’m curious – how much of a role, if any, that you feel race and gender play in that?” ABC’s Linsey Davis asked.

“Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings,” Harris attempted to push back. “I think the point that has to be made is that there are attempts to create distractions away from the accomplishments of our administration.”

A report published Tuesday pushed back on her claim, telling readers “public polling results do not support her assertion.”

“At the time the ABC News interview aired, FiveThirtyEight’s average was 39.7% approving of Harris’ performance and 52.3% disapproving, for a net of 12.6 percentage points ‘underwater,’” PolitiFact wrote. “Meanwhile, the most recent poll in which more people approved than disapproved of Harris’ performance was from October 2021 and was more than 100 polls ago. That poll, conducted by Saint. Leo University, found Harris above water by 2 percentage points, which was within the poll’s 3-point margin of error.”


That wasn’t enough to spare Harris from PolitiFact’s “Truth-O-Meter.”

“We rate the statement False,” PolitiFact concluded.

When the walls are closing in, some try to bluff their way out.

A little bravado here, a sly deflection there, and voilà: they think they’ve gotten away with it.

But, oh, how the mighty trip over their own shoelaces!

Vice President Kamala Harris seems to have employed the tactic of throwing on a set of rose-colored glasses when viewing her own approval ratings.

Yet, her perception and the cold, hard truth seem to be in two different galaxies.

An astounding 49% of registered voters casting her in a negative light?

Well, that’s gotta sting. But the most shocking part is that she chose to lie about such an easily verifiable fact.

It’s like saying the sky is green when everyone can look up and see that it isn’t.

Why such a blatant misstep?

Could it be the looming shadow of 2024 that’s adding to the Democrats’ anxiety?

They’ve tasted the bitterness of public disapproval before, and perhaps there’s a desperate need to rally the troops with some fake good news.

If you’re historically unpopular, wouldn’t you want to mask it with a tall tale or two?

Axios confirms historically poor approval ratings for Kamala:

49% of registered voters have a negative view of Vice President Kamala Harris, compared to 32% with a positive view, per a new NBC News poll.

Why it matters: NBC News says Harris’ net-negative rating of -17 is the lowest for a vice president in the history of its poll.

Zoom out: In Oct. 2019, 34% had a positive view of then-Vice President Mike Pence, while 38% had a negative view, for a rating of -4, per NBC News.

Comparing her stats with those of former Vice President Mike Pence just drives the nail further.

Even Pence, in his most divisive moments, never plummeted to a -17 net-negative rating.

And yet, here we are, witnessing a historic low for the Vice Presidency.

Do the Democrats see the storm clouds gathering for 2024?

Are they hoping that by pretending all is sunny and bright, they can avoid the impending downpour?

Whatever the strategy, one thing’s clear: false bravado isn’t fooling anyone.