ENTIRE Police Force Resigns in Minnesota Town, ‘Blindsiding’ Mayor

Posted by on August 18, 2023 3:04 am

Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Remember when the rallying cry was “Defund the Police”?

Remember when waving that BLM flag a little too zealously meant calling for drastic cuts to the police force?

It looks like those calls have had some rather unforeseen consequences, and they’re not pretty.

A cautionary tale is unfolding in Minnesota, and trust me, it’s one that’s going to leave a mark.

Imagine an entire town where every single police officer, from the rookies to the chief himself, has thrown in the towel.

Sounds like a plot twist from a crime novel, doesn’t it?

Yet, that’s exactly what’s happening in Goodhue.

The grievance?

Paltry salaries and backbreaking hours.

The result?

A city left vulnerable, scrambling to maintain law and order, with no one in uniform to turn to.

Goodhue’s mayor, Ellen Anderson Buck, seems to be caught off guard, claiming she was “blindsided” by the mass resignation.

She’s quick to assure the community that they won’t be left unprotected.

But here’s the kicker: Police Chief Josh Smith tells a story of desperation, where the recruitment efforts have been met with a deafening silence.

Young potential recruits?

Apparently, they’re choosing other paths, steering clear of a profession now tainted with negativity.

So, here’s the big question: what happens when a city’s thin blue line fades away?

What fills the vacuum when those sworn to protect and serve decide they’ve had enough?

And what do the citizens, caught in the crossfire of political agendas, do when the consequences become all too real?

It seems that Goodhue is getting a hard lesson in cause and effect.

As for the rest of us?

We’re left to watch, learn, and perhaps rethink the ramifications of the choices we champion.

Ready to delve into this unfolding drama? Let’s go!

The Daily Wire has more details:

Every police officer, including the chief of police, has stepped down from the force in a Minnesota town after they say complaints of low pay and long hours were left unresolved.

Goodhue, a city about 65 miles southeast of Minneapolis with just over 1,000 residents, could be without police officers by August 23. It has struggled to attract new police recruits and give competitive pay to officers. The nonpartisan mayor said she was “blindsided” by the resignations and promised that the city would be protected.

“I want to reiterate that we will have police coverage in the city of Goodhue,” Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck told Fox 9. “That is not an issue.”

Police Chief Josh Smith said the force had trouble getting anyone interested in police work. Smith, another full-time employee, and five part-time employees all announced their resignations last week.

“This has been three weeks now, we have zero applicants, and I have zero prospects,” Smith said in July. “I’ve called every PD around for the youngest guys out there, getting into the game. There’s nobody getting into the game.”

Ah, the inevitable aftermath of the loud chants to “Defund the Police” and the zealous BLM endorsement.

It seems like the consequences are unraveling right before our eyes, and folks, it isn’t a pretty sight.

Fancy a town where the police chief, the highest-ranking officer, is left scratching his head, unable to find a single soul ready to don the badge?

That’s not the storyline of a dystopian novel, that’s reality unfolding in Goodhue.

Police Chief Josh Smith, a man dedicated to his badge, his city, and his duty, is sounding the alarm bells.

Imagine trying to recruit for weeks on end, reaching out to every department in your vicinity, hunting for young guns to step up.

And what does he find?

A staggering void.

Zero applicants.

Zero prospects.

As Smith puts it, there’s “nobody getting into the game.”

Now, isn’t that a chilling thought?

We can’t help but wonder: Why such a bleak recruitment landscape?

Has the nationwide push to defund the police deterred potential new recruits?

Has the intense scrutiny and negative portrayal of law enforcement driven away the next generation of peacekeepers?

The fact is, when you discourage and vilify a profession, there’s bound to be a shortage.

And this shortage doesn’t come without consequences.

While Goodhue’s city council members wax eloquent about the fantastic work their police force did, maintaining order and ensuring the safety of their community, one can’t help but ask: What now?

Who’ll step up to fill those boots, to walk the beat, and to ensure that the community sleeps soundly at night?

And what happens to towns like Goodhue when the thin blue line starts to fade?

The New York Post confirms the challenges in hiring:

Police Chief Josh Smith, who will continue to serve in his position until Aug. 24, told city officials that he could not find anyone to sign up to join the police force.

“This has been three weeks now, we have zero applicants, and I have zero prospects,” Smith said on July 26. “I’ve called every PD around for the youngest guys out there, getting into the game. There’s nobody getting into the game.”

“If you want to keep the PD, and this is something we want to continue going with, something needs to change dramatically and drastically, and it’s got to happen now.”

One Goodhue City council member praised the police force for maintaining law and order in the town of Goodhue.

“I can probably speak for everyone when I say that they provided excellent safety and security to our community. And the small town policing that they did, we want that back.”

Police Chief Smith also told the Goodhue city council that the police force was losing on recruitment numbers because of low pay and competition from larger cities.

Smith points to low pay and competition from bigger cities as deterrents.

But could it be that the societal winds are also to blame?

The narrative has shifted, and now Goodhue, like many other towns, might just pay the price.

For those who backed the cries to defund and demean, here’s food for thought: What’s the plan when the protectors are gone?

A cautionary tale is unfolding, and all eyes are on Goodhue.

This should be a warning sign to the rest of the country.

Are you paying attention yet?