Can You Identify This Man?

Posted by on August 20, 2023 3:04 am

The Citizen Free Press posted a video today with the caption: “Identify this biker and put him in jail.”

What for?

Well, watch the video below and you can see for yourself.

This man apparently becomes triggered when he sees an American Flag and a TRUMP WON sign.

The video shows that first he bikes over and tries to kick it (with a very girly kick if you ask me).

When he can’t damage it with his fierce kicks, the video shows he returns at night under the cover of darkness to light the sign on fire.

The only problem?

He apparently didn’t realize it was being video recorded with perfect night vision.


Watch for yourself here:

Tim Pool retweeted the video and offered to add $5,000 to the reward for anyone with information that leads to his arrest and conviction:

So….do you know this man?

Tim Pool and Citizens Free Press would love to get your info!

I died laughing at this reply:

Yes indeed!

We all know “Robert Peters” is a biker and has girly kicks….

Funny thing is, it actually really does kind of look like him!

The only problem is his defense will probably be that by the time it got dark out, he’d already been in bed sipping his warm milk for two hours!

And I liked this one too: