Ford CEO’s Huge “Reality Check” Road Trip

Posted by on August 20, 2023 3:04 am

As the compromised Biden administration continues its full-on push to eliminate ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles in favor of electric (EV) vehicles, the CEO of Ford – maker of the iconic Mustang sports cars and F150 pickup trucks – did learn a harsh lesson this week about the realities of being an EV driver.

This story starts last January when Joe Biden issued another moonshot with added tax incentives:

As usual, Biden never truly understands what he’s bragging about to the press. He certainly doesn’t understand the impact of his half-baked, crackpot ideas on all of us, the hardworking, taxpaying American public.

But this week, one very important person walked in our shoes (drove on our tires?). After months of fielding complaints from customers about the challenges of electric vehicles, Ford’s CEO Jim Farley took a road trip.

Perhaps Crooked Joe should read about Jim’s travels in one of his company’s electric pickup trucks.

According to The Gateway Pundit, “the purpose of the drive was to take on more rural routes in a truck—a truck for real people who do real work.”

Quick note for “real people who do real work”: Mr. Farley was not hauling a load nor towing a trailer during his travels.

Soon into the trip, Mr. Farley openly admitted to the problems with busy charging stations, availability of lightning chargers, and the time-suck of charging.

He then tweeted a picture of his early morning charging stop (took him 2 tries to find an open EV charger) to prepare for the day’s travel. We’re not sure this is a “positive” selling point for the EV – check the tweet time.

It seems that Mr. Farley’s charging challenges are not at all unusual. Here’s a story about another EV road trip charging experience that tracks closer to the “real people” experience. According to Breitbart News, this is what happened when YouTubers tested an EV vs ICE truck:

A group of YouTubers called Fast Lane Truck tested electric and gas-powered trucks to see how far they could haul a trailer, and the results seemed to speak for themselves.

The test was between an electric Ford F-150 pickup and a GMC Denali Ultimate Edition featuring a gas engine.

According to the testers, the electric pickup’s computer had trouble calculating the distance and was forced to pull over and charge approximately 85 miles into the trip.

If the video didn’t convince you that America is not ready to “electrify,” this Twitter comment surely will. It paints a vivid picture of the average American’s reality when driving an EV.

This entire exercise by Ford may be for marketing purposes only, but it does offer an opportunity for Americans being pushed into “green energy” to ask some tough questions.

In fact, one tough question should be asked about the huge wind farm clearly shown in the background of Mr. Farley’s driving video. Not one of the turbines was moving in the middle of the day.

How will anything – taxis, school buses, mini vans, pickup trucks – get “charged” with that type of energy system?

It’s more like this sage Twitter poster:

Or this one:

Lastly, we must talk about how much money Ford has LOST on EVs.

In July, Daily Wire reported under this headline Ford Loses Billions On Electric Cars:

Ford Motor Company expects to lose a whopping $4.5 billion from its electric vehicles (EVs) this year, the company said in its second-quarter earnings report released Thursday.

The Michigan-based automaker said its all-electric vehicle division, called “Ford Model e,” has already lost more than $2.8 billion in the first two quarters of this year, including $1.8 billion in the second quarter alone or about $32,000 for every EV Ford has sold.

At this point in Biden’s corrupt “green energy” game, it’s pretty clear that EVs won’t work for real people doing real work – also known as AMERICANS.