GOP Senator Criticized For Sharing Warning About Potential Return of COVID Lockdowns

Posted by on August 22, 2023 3:04 am

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) faced backlash for sharing the Infowars exclusive report about federal agents allegedly warning the outlet about the return of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

Lee shared the Infowars headline, saying, “over my lifeless body.”

The daggers from Democrat politicians and mainstream media came out to lambast the Utah senator for spreading ‘misinformation.’

The Salt Lake Tribune quickly published a hit piece against Lee.

Utah Sen. Mike Lee spent the weekend amplifying unfounded allegations by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ InfoWars that the President Joe Biden administration was preparing to impose new COVID-related lockdowns this fall.

“Over my lifeless body,” Lee posted to X — formerly known as Twitter — late Friday right, sharing an Infowars story that claimed the Biden administration was “preparing to bring back FULL COVID restrictions” as soon as mid-September.

The “exclusive” story from InfoWars, a media company that has repeatedly been found to share misinformation, alleges Transportation Security Administration and Border Patrol “whistleblowers” are warning that the federal government is preparing to reinstate new lockdowns because of COVID-19. Those restrictions would reportedly begin with re-implementing masking requirements for air travelers.

The original article and accompanying video do not provide any evidence to back up those claims, which appear to be driven by news of a new COVID BA.2.86 variant. The new virus strain has been elevated to “variant under monitoring” status by the WHO, while three known cases have been identified worldwide, CBS News reported.

“Infowars is your source for such garbage? Please. Even you are better than this. Stop peddling misinformation,” said Democrat Utah state Rep. Brian King.

While it remains unconfirmed if the Biden administration follows through with COVID lockdowns 2.0, War Room revealed they’re stockpiling COVID-19 equipment

Biden Admin Stockpiling Equipment for COVID 2.0, Report Claims

In addition to mainstream media fearmongering, we’ve seen reports of hospitals and schools reinstating COVID-19 protocols.

Hospital Reimplements Mask Mandates

College Reinstates COVID-19 Measures