What Are They Hiding in Maui? Black Fencing Hides Fire-Ravaged Area

Posted by on August 29, 2023 3:04 am

Federal and local public servants continue disregarding transparency in the recovery effort after Maui’s devastating fire in Lahaina.

In video footage from citizen journalist Geoff Cygnus on TikTok, strange black fencing restricts the public’s view of recovery efforts in Lahaina.

“There are miles and miles of this black fence going up that was not here before that is obscuring ground zero and making sure no one can see what’s going on inside of there from the road,” Cygnus said.

“No one can get in there. No one can take any pictures,” he added.

Cygnus also cited what looked like “foreign police cars” and being chased away from the fencing area by National Guard.

“So you cannot pull over. You can’t even stop your car anywhere near any of this anymore,” he said.


Social media users suggested these outlandish efforts to hide activities indicates something hidden from the public.

Reports of the black fencing hiding the clean-up area is the latest suspicious development of a massive cover-up in Maui.

According to Informed Daily host Anthony Cabassa, an anonymous nonprofit leader heading to Maui for disaster relief said FEMA requested them to stop posting images and videos to social media.

FEMA Requesting a Maui Social Media Blackout?

“A person wishing to stay anonymous has sent me this email by FEMA sent to their nonprofit who is headed to Maui to help with disaster relief,” Cabassa said.

“They say they are being asked to STOP posting any images or videos while on the ground effective immediately.”

The alleged email read:

“Out of respect for those who perished, we were asked by Maui County officials to pause on posting on social media and elsewhere new imagery of damage/disaster/debris starting now. They are asking for a full stop on disaster imagery going forward. At this time, we have not been asked to take any photos or video down. Our team on the ground is coordinating with the County for further guidance to ensure we remain fully aligned. Cultural sensitivity is of the upmost importance in all our response and recovery activities to this disaster.”


“The source says they found this to be ‘weird’ especially as this was sent when they were aware President Biden would be visiting the island,” Cabassa added.

“FEMA has instructed them – at the order of local Maui Govt. to ‘pause on posting’ to their socials or elsewhere.”

“This letter gives me the same undertone of watching Nick Sortor upon arriving in Maui, and having a group of people follow him around when was trying to investigate the events in Maui,” he wrote.

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