Rand Paul Puts His Foot Down on Sending Ukraine Anymore Money

Posted by on September 22, 2023 3:04 am

America has been treated like a credit card with no limit by Ukraine and Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy has continued to demand more money from America and the people are sick of it.

Senator Rand Paul is also sick of it.

Paul made it absolutely clear to the Biden Administration that he will not support sending a single dime more to Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Paul put the Senate and House leadership on notice:

“I will not consent to expedited passage of any spending measure that provides any more U.S. aid to Ukraine,” said Paul.

The Hill has more on Senator Paul’s hard stance against giving more money to Ukraine:

Conservative Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced Wednesday he will hold up any funding bill to keep the government open past Sept. 30 if it includes funding for the war in Ukraine.

“Today I’m putting congressional leadership & @POTUS on notice that I will oppose any effort to hold the federal government hostage for Ukraine funding. I will not consent to expedited passage of any spending measure that provides any more U.S. aid to Ukraine,” Paul wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Paul put House and Senate leadership on notice!:

The Blaze provided additional details:

“When will the aid requests end? When will the war end? Can someone explain what victory in Ukraine looks like?” Paul asked. “With no clear end in sight, it looks increasingly like Ukraine will be yet another endless quagmire funded by the American taxpayer.”

Paul expressed staunch opposition to the idea of tying Ukraine aid together with funding to avoid a U.S. government shutdown. “I will not give consent to a bill that includes funding for Ukraine in keeping our government open,” he said.

“The longer this conflict continues, the greater the risk that miscalculation or purposeful escalation draws the United States in to direct conflict with Russia,” Paul said. “Every day this war continues is another spin of the roulette wheel with another chance of it stopping on Armageddon. And we are paying for the privilege.”

Many Americans are rallying behind this.

Ukraine has had a free ride until now and their time may finally be up.

Rand Paul was also critical of fellow senator Lindsey Graham, saying “It’s irresponsible to think about their country before I think about my country.”

“We don’t have the money,” Paul added: