Biden’s Visit To Israel Very Concerning, Franz Ferdinand Assassination Event Incoming?

Posted by on October 18, 2023 3:04 am

My friend Christopher Greene over at AMTV has been doing some excellent reporting recently.

I want to show you two of his recent videos which I think are spot on.

And since I can’t do it better than what he’s already recorded, I’m just going to let you watch what he’s posted.

He’s essentially saying that he fears Biden may be assassinated on his trip overseas.

Of course none of us like Biden, but rooting for his assassination seems a bit uncouth, not to mention the ripple effects it would cause (i.e. WW:3) so we don’t root for his assassination.

But it may happen.

That would really solve a bunch of problems for the ruling elite, wouldn’t it?

It would get rid of the dead weight they have in Biden and make room for Newsom to waltz in to 2024….

And it gives the War-hungry the war they have been craving.

Nothing like WW:3 to bring chaos to the world and fill their pockets with the spoils of war.

That’s why they crave it so badly.

So it makes perfect sense.

Let’s pray it doesn’t happen.

After the videos I’ll explain what the Franz Ferdinand moment was, it’s absolutely fascinating.

Watch here:

First this:

Then this:

Ok, so he mentions this being a Franz Ferdinand moment.

I was familiar with it, but I wanted to remember some of the details, so I started chatting with ChatGPT and the results are fascinating!

You have to see this.

So first I asked it to explain how the assassination of Franz Ferdinand pulled the world into WW:1.

This is what it said:

Ok fair enough.

But I know that this has largely been considered a False Flag event over the years by many, so I wanted to find out more….

Next I asked this:

Note how it’s been programmed to not admit it was a False Flag.

But if you’re reading the answers, you have to believe in some WILD circumstances.

Is anyone really buying this?

So I pushed the AI with a follow up question:

How fascinating!

It admits it’s highly improbable, but the best it can do is call it a “…disastrous twist of fate that played a crucial role in setting the stage for World War 1.”

Right, hey chip head, we call those False Flags!

So I pushed it one more time:

Quote: “it certainly is a remarkable coincidence.”

Yes chippy, it sure is.

Are we about to witness a brand new one?

Watch and see.