VIDEO: Ilhan Omar Goes on Screaming Tirade Against A Reporter For Asking About Israel

Posted by on October 22, 2023 3:05 am

Remember when the media called Presidential Trump “unfit for office” because of the way he talked to the media?

But here’s the thing: President Trump never verbally assaulted the media.

All he did was defend his record and fight back against those spreading fake news.

Well, does this mean that Democrat Ilhan Omar is “unfit for office”?

Does this mean she needs to be impeached.

Because what she’s caught on video doing is shocking.

She went on a screaming tirade to berate a reporter.


All so she could avoid answering a question about Israel.

See it for yourself:

This all raises an interesting question…

Why is Ilhan Omar deflecting in the first place?

Why can’t she just answer the question?

Is she afraid of her answer?

If so, why?

Don’t the American people deserve to know what their elected representatives who are supposed to represent them stand for?

Red State provides incredible analysis:

Ilhan Omar lost her cool on Friday when pressed on whether Israel has a right to self-defense in the face of the massacre of 1,400 people by Hamas. It should have been a very easy question to answer, but Omar decided to dodge it by feigning righteous outrage instead.


Omar’s outburst is the lowest form of anti-war rhetoric. Israel’s goal is not to kill civilians. It is not to rack up deaths in Gaza until there’s some measure of proportion reached. Rather, the objective is to end Hamas as a political and military force. Until that goal is met, the war will not end.

These calls for a ceasefire are a desperate attempt to garner a time-out that will save Hamas, and ensure more death and destruction in the coming decades. If there is a concern about the civilians in Gaza, they should be expressed as a demand for Hamas to release the hostages and surrender.


Returning to Omar’s deflection, she made it because she desperately doesn’t want to address what actually happened in Israel. There’s a reason she waited days to even address the situation, only doing so in the context of concern for Palestinians. Like the mainstream press, she has completely blinded herself to the reality of the atrocities that occurred, thus, she can’t begin to process why a country would have any right to react in self-defense.

People can speculate why she has chosen that path in the face of so much evidence of what Hamas did. The simplest answer? She’s just a rabid antisemite, as evidenced by her many years in the public eye. I understand the desire to give people the benefit of the doubt because it’s hard to fathom how anyone could hold such irrational hatred in their hearts. Occam’s razor exists for a reason, though.

This is exactly why people hate politicians.

If you know what to look for, it’s obvious when someone is lying, pandering, or deflecting.

And this is why President Trump resonated with so many people.

He spoke his mind.

That builds trust.

When someone like Ilhan Omar deflects and does so in such a reckless way, it really makes you wonder…

But this isn’t Omar’s first run in with a reporter.

Omar recently verbally assaulted a journalist by calling her a “crazy lady.”

It was dehumanizing language that is unbefitting of an elected official.

The Daily Mail reports:

Squad member Ilhan Omar dismissed a reporter who was questioning her calls for an Israel ceasefire as a ‘crazy lady.’

The Representative for Minnesota was being pressed on her views about the conflict in the Middle East by Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn in Capitol Hill on Friday.

Omar, 41, ignored the journalist’s questions as she entered an elevator and told a staffer: ‘Ignore this crazy lady, don’t worry about her.’

If people get cage-y, then you know they’re hiding something.

So, what is Ilhan Omar appearing to hide?

Why do you think she had such an emotionally explosive meltdown?

Let us know your theories in the comments below!