SWAT Team Raids Man Behind Harvard “Doxxing Truck” Instead Of Pro-Hamas Students

Posted by on October 28, 2023 3:04 am

Do you want to know how far our country has fallen?

Look no further than the case of Adam Guillette.

Guillette is an outstanding citizen with absolutely no criminal record.

Yet, his houses was raided by the SWAT team.


Because he was driving a truck around Harvard with the names of the anti-semitic students on it.

The truck was dubbed the “doxxing truck.”

Here’s the thing: These students are adults.

They signed a public letter.

And they are speaking out in support of Hamas, which is a terrorist organization as designated by the federal government.

So Guillette was giving these kids “free advertising” so that potential employers are aware of the radical beliefs of these Harvard students.

Again, Guillette did nothing wrong.

He was just trying to hold terrorist sympathizers responsible.

So… why exactly was his house swatted?

If anyone was to be raided, it should be the Harvard students.


Because they are openly advocating for the side of terrorists.

They are also fueling anti-semitic rhetoric.

The New York Post confirms the raid:

The president of Accuracy in Media — the group that deployed “doxxing trucks” to Ivy League schools mired in pro-Palestinian controversies — had his home searched by a cadre of rifle-toting SWAT officers in the early hours of Friday, The Post has learned.

Accuracy in Media boss Adam Guillette was away from his North Florida home when he received a call from local authorities Friday notifying him that officers had searched his home around 1:30 a.m. after receiving a call falsely claiming that Guillette was at home and pointing a gun at his wife’s head.

Guillette, who was out of town with his wife to attend a wedding in Texas, told The Post that he believes someone lied to the cops “to get me killed” in response to Accuracy in Media’s recent campaign that saw box trucks outfitted with billboards exposing students and faculty allegedly involved in “horribly hateful, antisemitic proclamations” at Harvard, Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania.

In security camera footage from Guillette’s home shared exclusively with The Post, officers with rifles strapped to their chests are seen knocking on Guillette’s door.

When no one answers, one officer gains access through the digital security lock.

After throwing the door open, two officers say, “Sheriff’s office,” with their guns in shooting positions before walking into the house, kicking over packages as they step inside.

In another clip, an officer is seen opening the coat closet by the front door, while cameras situated to show the back of the house show two cops patrolling the backyard with their guns at the ready.

Meanwhile, it appears that a third officer is inside searching with a flashlight.

Guillette, who asked that his county of residence not be disclosed, told The Post that he was later informed there were a total of six SWAT officers deployed to his house.

Why don’t leftists ever get SWAT-ed?

Why is it always people on the right?

It’s almost as if there are two tiers of justice in this country: one that rewards woke nonsense and another that punishes anyone who thinks for themselves.

Fortunately, since Guillette was out of town, he was not injured in the raid.

But had he been home, this story could have quickly taken a darker turn.

SWAT raids are dangerous and often lead to accidental shootings of innocent suspects.

But what exactly is Guillette suspected of?

Again, we want to emphasize that Guillette did nothing unlawful.

He was simply giving the Harvard students free advertising.

They’re legal adults.

And they also signed a public letter.

He’s simply holding their feet to the fire.

The fact that law enforcement was sent to harass this man proves that there’s a current flaw in priorities.

ABC News has more information about the doxxing truck:

The man leading the doxxing campaign of pro-Palestinian Harvard students said his group is going to take it a step further.

Adam Guillette, 42, the president of Accuracy in Media, a conservative organization dedicated to holding “public and private officials accountable,” according to its website, facilitated a truck displaying the names of Harvard students who signed onto a controversial letter denouncing Israel in the wake of the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas. Hamas has been designated by the United States as a terrorist organization.

The debate on campus has made Harvard a microcosm of sorts, reflecting the national debate on the conflict.

Guillette, who is Jewish, said his organization’s next move, which has already started, is to create online domains essentially using the students’ first and last names to create sites identifying them as antisemitic.

“I think it’s incredibly important for people to know who the antisemites are on their campus and in their community,” Guillette told ABC News. “Ideally, I’d love for everyone to abandon any hateful beliefs they might hold. I’d love for them to apologize for the antisemitic proclamation that they signed.”

How ironic…

A SWAT team raiding the home of a Jewish man in the middle of the night.

Sound familiar?

It is currently unclear who ordered the raid and why.

This story is developing and we will continue to post updates as they become available.

The question we will continue to wrestle with is:

Why do Harvard college students get to wreak havoc on the lives of peace-loving Americans?