Free Speech Is Dead, Reporter Facing Charges For Refusing To Reveal Confidential Source

Posted by on October 30, 2023 3:04 am

We all spend plenty of time criticizing the media for their lies and corruption, and rightfully so.

However, could it be that there are more honest reporters than meets the eye?

After all, Tucker Carlson was forced out of Fox News for telling the truth.

Now, a reporter is facing contempt charges simply for refusing to reveal a confidential source.

An Obama appointed judge is trying to force former Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge into revealing her source from a story back in 2017 about a school funded by the Department of Defense that had ties to the Chinese military.

Judge Christopher Cooper claimed that the information needed trumps Herridge’s First Amendment rights.

This came after a scientist named Yanping Chen filed a lawsuit against the FBI.

It’s no wonder we don’t see many good journalists anymore.

It seems they’re all being targeted for telling the truth.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

CBS reporter Catherine Herridge is facing contempt charges for refusing to disclose the identity of her confidential source.

In August, US District Court for the District of Columbia, Christopher Cooper, ordered Herridge to sit down for a sworn deposition regarding a confidential source she used for a 2017 story she covered on a Department of Defense-funded school that was at the center of federal investigations over Chinese military ties while she was at Fox News.

The judge ordered Herridge to turn over her source(s) in response to a lawsuit that was filed by Chinese-American scientist Yanping Chen against the FBI. Chen subpoenaed Herridge in an effort to find out who her sources were.

CNN has more details:

Judge Christopher Cooper, of the US District Court for the District of Columbia, issued a ruling to compel CBS News senior correspondent Catherine Herridge to participate in a deposition regarding the identity of a confidential source or sources she used for a series of 2017 stories published while she worked at Fox News.

The order came as a result of a lawsuit filed by Chinese American scientist Yanping Chen against the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Citing documents reviewed by Fox News, Herridge reported that Chen was the subject of a federal counterintelligence probe. Chen has alleged that federal authorities improperly leaked information about her, violating the Privacy Act.

In an effort to prove her case, Chen subpoenaed Herridge and Fox News, with the hope of unmasking the source(s) for the stories. Fox News and Herridge have aggressively fought the move, arguing that Cooper should quash the subpoenas because of First Amendment protections afforded to the press.

But Cooper disagreed with Fox News and Herridge in his Tuesday decision.

“The Court recognizes both the vital importance of a free press and the critical role that confidential sources play in the work of investigative journalists like Herridge,” Cooper wrote in the ruling. “But applying the binding case law of this Circuit, the Court concludes that Chen’s need for the requested evidence overcomes Herridge’s qualified First Amendment privilege in this case.”