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The idea of an “e-militia” was conceived by Conservative Talk Show Host Pete Santilli & his Co-Host Deb Jordan back in 2012 when our listeners came together to fight back against online trolls attempting to disparage Presidential Candidate Ron Paul and his supporters.   Thousands of listeners of The Pete Santilli Show setup Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts to counter what is known as “CoIntel-Pro” (FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program) designed to flood social media threads with disinformation.

Since 2012, Pete & Deb have become very familiar with online military tactics & strategies employed by those who wish to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, but more importantly, they remain committed to countering Saul Alinski tactics used to demonize members of the “Patriot Community”.

E-militia members are law-abiding, Conservative, Patriotic Americans who wish to serve and protect the United States of America.  Various patriot groups across the United States serve their local communities, but unfortunately they have not become skilled in organizing & communicating online via social media.  Although President Trump successfully organized an effort to target potential voters via Facebook and Twitter with his constitutional message to secure the Presidency, since 2016, the Marxists have retaliated against Conservatives through online censorship.  Millions of Conservative Patriots have been disconnected, deleted and shadow-banned.

It’s time for Patriotic Americans to get organized!  The 2020 re-election campaign has begun, and We The People need to step up and do our part to counter Silicon Valley election-meddlers.  More importantly, We The People are determined to save our Constitutional Republic and stop the overthrow of our government.


  1. Law-abiding Americans with Christian, Conservative, Family values.
  2. We are civic-minded, generous, charitable and we believe we’re the best “First-Responders” when our communities and neighbors need us most.
  3. We respect the rule of law & authority.  We love our U.S. Military; public servants in federal, State and municipal law enforcement who remain loyal to protecting our Constitutional rights.
  4. We believe in federal, state & local government of, by and for our people.
  5. We honor and respect our historical founding which is based on Godly principles.
  6. We are committed to preserving and protecting our unalienable God-given rights. We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….
  7. We are proud, patriotic, hard-working Americans committed to raising our families and making valuable, individual contributions to our communities.
  8. We are kind and respectful to our neighbors.  We live and abide by the 10 Commandments.
  9. We are truth-seekers, truth tellers & “Conspiracy Realists”
  10. We’re intolerant towards those who disrespect who we are, or attempt to suppress or violate our Constitutional rights.


  1. We are not anti-government, “right-wing extremists”, unlawful or violent.
  2. We do not accept, nor will allow Marxism, Communism or Socialism.
  3. We are not Islamophobic nor tolerant of Sharia Law in the United States of America. We are not racist & we denounce any form of racial supremacy.
  4. We are intolerant of and denounce those who demonize truth-seeking Americans as “Conspiracy Theorists”.  We seek the truth; share the truth, and are very suspicious of anyone who tries to suppress our efforts by calling us “Conspiracy Theorists”.
  5. We are not tolerant or accepting of illegal immigration or residency in the United States of America.
  6. We are not tolerant or accepting of those who wish to force their unconstitutional ideology upon our communities and families.
  7. We are not dependent upon the government or society to raise our families or build our communities.
  8. We are not disrespectful towards those who do not violate our Constitutional rights.
  9. We are not complacent, lazy, nor do we possess a sense of entitlement.
  10. We are not tolerant, forgiving or accepting of any of our public servants who violate the U.S. Constitution.


  1. We are actively engaged in our local communities.  We believe the best way to counter Silicon Valley’s Marxist, technocratic & centrally controlled censorship is to maintain our communication with people within our local communities.  Our foundation is based on the “belly button-to-belly button” principle of maintaining human contact and interaction with members of our local communities.  Silicon Valley and Washington DC cannot stop us from getting together at the local coffee shop, VFW, Rotary Club, etc and exchanging telephone numbers.
  2. We are determined to circumvent every form of internet censorship and discriminatory isolation based on our political ideology.  We will gradually decrease our dependence, reliance and vulnerability on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google.
  3. We will build reliable communication networks and methods for like-minded Patriots between towns, cities, counties, states and regions.
  4. When called upon to do so, we will help our neighbors whenever possible.  If we cannot physically respond, we will assist however we can.
  5. We will educate our local community members about our Constitutional rights and how we can reverse the damage caused by Marxist infiltration of our Republic.


  1. Sign up to become an e-militia member. Join Our Team! .  Be sure to let us know what kind of skills you believe you may have to help us build our team.
  2. Areas where we really need help:
    -Wordpress Editors
    -Advertising sales
    -Graphic artists (website)
    -Video editor
    -Event organizer/scheduler
    -Database managers
    -Podcasters/Youtubers/show hosts
    -Social media experts/team members
    -…and many other areas
  3. RE-STREAM IMPORTANT CONTENT ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS (YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and Twitch   e-Militia members interested in re-streaming important independent media content , please view the OBS Basic Tutorial:
  4. SETUP SOCIAL MEDIA(s) on platforms that promote the free flow of uncensored information.   This can be in addition to your favorite Main Stream Internet platform, but most importantly, we all need to transition to platforms that promote free speech.  It will take time for you and your friends/family to migrate, but with patience & perseverance we can lead our loved ones to freedom. There’s nothing more important than this mission!  Here are couple of recommended platforms that have been tested, are very user friendly, and also have enough users to make it a pleasurable & social experience:
    1. MeWe (also download and install the APP! We’ve tested it for weeks and it’s awesome)
    2. – Connect your account to Twitter. You can cross post from Gab to Twitter and                       if/when Twitter deletes your account or shadow bans you, you won’t be silenced).
    3. –  You can download important YouTube archives and re-post to Brighteon.        Support Brighteon content producers and contributors with views and shopping at Brighteon Store whenever possible!
    4. – Quite honestly, Minds is merely just “another option” and is somewhat weak as far as social activity.  We’ve tested it and it’s not very active among users…just content producers….but it’s an option.
    5. TWITTER FOR TEXTING – Setup a twitter account for the purposes of being able to send and receive free text messages to your cell phone(s).  Once you setup your Twitter account — it can even be blank if you don’t like or want to use Twitter — and then connect your cell phone number.  Once you confirm that you are connected, send a text message to the following number (as if it were a telephone number): 40404  Send the following text to that number: ” Follow @e_militia “.  You will now be allowed to receive uncensored text messages from the e-militia Twitter account.  We could conceivably have millions of people subscribed to receive text messages via Twitter for free, and uncensored.  Twitter cannot “shadow-ban” Twitter text messages!  Once they are received in our phones, they cannot delete it or filter the messages.  *** Keep in mind that this will become a very important and effective tool at the Regional/State/County and Local level. Our E-Militia team will be discussing this in more detail in the near future — but we must emphasize how important this communication tool is!

The best recommendation is to setup accounts on Gab, MeWe, Brighteon and Twitter


  1. STATE LISTS – We will build a list of State, County, and Local contacts across the country.  These contacts will all have the ability to communicate important mission information and share best practices and will become completely independent of Silicon Valley censorship.
  2. E-MILITIA.TV – We will build a 24/7 audio and video streaming network that will allow content producers and contributors on Youtube, Facebook Live, Persicope, etc. to have their content re-broadcast over the national and regional network that we will build immediately.
  3. CITIZEN JOURNALIST NETWORK & FIELD BROADCASTING UNITS – We will build a team of Regional, State and County Citizen Journalists. will raise funds to have a mobile broadcasting van and studio that can be dispatched to major events across the country.  Smaller broadcast units will be shipped to Citizen Journalists when news breaks in regional areas.
  4. SPECIAL EVENTS – We will build a speaker’s bureau and an event coordinating team to schedule and plan events throughout the year.  This may include educational seminars, Patriot rally’s, political rally’s, cruises, barbecues, etc.   The possibilities are limitless.

By now you should be inspired to get involved.  Who qualifies to join our team?  Every single American of every walk of life — rich, poor, young, old, and of every race, creed and color.  Please join our team!  CLICK HERE and then be sure to send an email to join [at] e-milia [dot] com to let us know where you can help based on your interests or skills.


The E-Militia Team

Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan