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It costs real money to keep The Pete Santilli Show alive and to grow E-Militia News!   In addition to Liberty One being the home of The Pete Santilli Show,  has become a destination for our listeners and viewers to connect with citizen journalists around the country, and around the globe.   As everyone knows, Pete Santilli is a pioneer in Social Media Broadcasting & Live Streaming.  Over the past several years, we’ve literally reached millions of listeners. In fact, in January 2016, Pete reached more viewers with his coverage of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Protest than the entire Main Stream Media combined.   We want to teach Citizen Journalists how to report the news from the eyes of us “steak-n-potatoes” people.   There’s no better teacher than Pete himself.   As a Pete Santilli Show Insider Club Member, you will help fund this effort and grow independent media into what it deserves to be; a people-powered network of like-minded individuals seeking the truth about the world we live in.  With your help and support, there’s nothing that the powers-that-be, especially the 6 corporations who presently have a choke hold in the flow of information, can do to stop us!

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Your monthly contribution will go along way towards helping Pete Santilli and Deb Jordan contribute to building Liberty One Broadcasting Network.  Additionally, Pete has been writing a book about his experience over the past several years as the most controversial talk show host in America.  An interesting fact about Pete Santilli is that he’s the longest held journalist in American history – 619 days, and boy does he have a lot to share about what’s happened behind the scenes since he covered the Bundy Ranch story in 2014.  The book he’s writing is bombshell, and as an SBN Insider, you’ll be first to receive access to purchasing a copy.  Most importantly, your monthly contribution will go towards funding the book, as he intends to self-publish and retain the full rights to his story.


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  • E-MILITIA NEWS BROADCASTING OPERATIONS:  You will be directly contributing to helping grow our operation.
  • CITIZEN JOURNALISM: We’re actively developing some exciting ideas and news about E-Militia’s future plans to support Citizen Journalism in America
  • MONTHLY OVERHEAD:  To keep independent media “independent”, it’s important for us all to know that news and information must be people-powered, not corporate controlled.   The Pete Santilli receives a very small portion of it’s monthly revenue from small advertisers.  Our long term goal is to educate the public; especially the millions of Americans who are cutting the cord and departing the Main Stream Media in droves.
  • THE BOOK (TITLE TO BE DETERMINED): Help fund Pete’s epic book about his experience as a Political Prisoner.  As we all know, the big publishing companies pay a big advance, but Pete would have to surrender profit margin as well as certain rights to his story.





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Today more than ever, independent journalism plays a fundamental role in creating and maintaining healthy, informed societies.  So much information is now available, and so much of it is—intentionally or not— so untruthful, that it becomes necessary for independent journalists to strengthen its role as the professional verifier, explainer, and contextualizer.

It is our belief that journalism must be free to bark at power when it is abusive or corrupt, and to uncover activities that have been hidden or distorted by governments and corporations.

For journalism to be influential in this era, its information gathering, production, and distribution processes must be allowed to flow un-inhibited to allow transparency. Openness earns trust and engagement, and allows journalists to moderate conversations—inside or outside a given medium—feeding those conversations with quality news and stories delivered in an appealing way on multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere. When independent journalism plays this role in society, its impact can be phenomenal. Where diverse, independent media can engage the public and thrive, the quality of public debate is better, and the more open a society is likely to become.

Pete Santilli has partnered with in an effort to create a platform for the more conservative independent journalists who struggle to keep up with today’s demand for a more open transparent conversation concerning our lives and the politics that guide us.

If all that is left after the door on independent media is closed is the mainstream media arguing with one another and choosing who we vote for then as a free society we are doomed.

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