Chatroom Moderators

*** This is where we’ll post Mod info…..

General Rules & Guidelines

  • The Chatroom Is A Big Part Of Our Business – If We don’t Have Listeners We Don’t Have A Show
  • Always Be Kind, Courteous, and eager to help
  • Stay engaged about show topics – chatters will follow your lead – also be engaged in their topics if it interest you
  • Limit Drama
  • No One Person Is In Charge
  • Secret Groups and Mod Chat Rooms created by other than Pete or Deb prohibited.
  • Keep It Simple
  • Know The Difference Between A Troll & Someone With A Strong Opinion
  • When Should You Ban?
  • a. Auto Bans
  • b. Death Threats of Any Kind
  • c. Illegal Suggestions
  • d.Threats of Bodily Harm
  • e. Harassment of Innocent Chatters
  • f. Vulgar Language
  • g. Keep It Simple

How to Handle Spammers: