Red Vest Brigade – FISA Platoon

Thank you for your interest in the Red Vest Brigade FISA Platoon!

As a TEAM we will dig into the FISA report methodically,

collaboratively, and thoroughly.

We are looking for recruits who possess the following required skills:

  • Must know how to navigate & operate Adobe Acrobat

  • Must know how to highlight document text – critical!                                                                                             

  • Must know how to screenshot with a PC or MAC

    • PC: Snippet Tool

    • MAC: CMD+SHIFT+4

  • Must be very organized & proficient with managing computer file folders (creating, renaming, dragging & dropping)

  • Must have a Google account to log into Google DOCS & collaborate on the project

  • Good verbal & writing skills — especially able to communicate timely via email


If you’re ready to commit, sign up by entering your information below!